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Employment & Wage Verification

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Employers Unity, LLC provides employment and wage verification services. This eliminates the process of your staff having to receive and log the requests, research the information and forward it back to the verifier. Employers Unity, LLC provides this service while requiring only one consolidated payroll feed, to enable both verification and unemployment auditing services.

How the Verification Process Works

A Client provides EU selected payroll data at regularly scheduled intervals. This data is then uploaded into our system. When your employee needs to allow someone to verify their employment and/or income, they simply direct them to www.employersunity.com. Once registered with our site, the verifier will be allowed instant access to the employee’s employment and wage data. Since Employers Unity completes a thorough background check on all verifiers, it is not necessary for your employee to generate or remember a PIN code.



  • Better Service to Employees
  • Reduced Liability and Costs
  • Increased Security
  • Reallocate Valuable Resources
  • Elimination of pin code confusion


  • Quicker Loan and Credit Approval
  • Self-Service and Control of Information
  • Fewer Complications
  • Anonymity and Security


  • Fast, Accurate, Dependable Data
  • Speeds up the Lending Process
  • Competitive Advantage for Lenders
  • Reduces Fraud Risk

Social Service Agencies

  • Fast, Accurate Dependable Data
  • Lowers Processing Costs
  • Confidence in Information

The system also processes Social Service requests from state or federal welfare agencies. Agencies can verify employment and salary via Internet for the purpose of determining eligibility for Social Service programs like Social Security, TANF, Medicaid, Housing, and Work Programs.