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Expert Auditing

  • Audit charges for over 23 potential agency errors
  • Audit and protest incorrect experience rate calculations
  • Annually review the feasibility of tendering a voluntary contribution to effectively achieve a lower tax rate
  • Quarterly reviews of your unemployment reports
  • Annual Tax Analysis
  • Annual Tax Rate Projections
  • Analyze combined/joint account opportunities, make recommendations and implement as approved
  • Computation of the best method of financing, contributory vs. reimbursing
  • Petition the State to credit/refund/waive client on any unwarranted penalties, interest and assessments paid on unemployment taxes.
  • Petition and diligently follow up with the States for unemployment tax refunds or recovery of credits as a result of overpayment of employment taxes (SUI) on an ongoing basis.
  • Secure needed interpretations of the Employment Security Act from the Department of Labor relative to your needs, including independent contractor rulings